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About Femflix

You can’t be... What you can’t see

Femflix is your home for 24/7 access to premium, female-centred, highly curated entertainment on-demand. We live in a diverse world and at Femflix, we believe that diversity should be visible in the stories we love to celebrate.

The content you'll come to love and trust on Femflix is selected carefully and with intention. We pride ourselves on curation and ensuring the content we deliver to your home is the kind of entertainment you will tell all your friends and colleagues about. Our selection is as diverse as the people who make it, telling stories that come from every corner of the planet as well as our own backyard. Be it nail-biting action, drama, heart-melting romance, hard-hitting documentaries or laugh-out-loud comedies, we have created a space for woman to see their own lives reflected in the entertainment they engage in. And what's more, our entertainment is brought to you by some of the best female content creators from Australia, New Zealand and the world.

The Femflix Difference

Femflix was developed in response to the rise of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement which gained worldwide traction during the Harvey Weinstein scandal in 2017. Our desire is to engage, educate, and influence audiences and content creators about the importance of eliminating unconscious bias, highlighting gender balance, challenging stereotypes, creating role models and scripting a wide variety of strong female characters in entertainment and media. Our stories are about women, made by women.

We promote content with at least 1 female-identifying creative in the role of Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer or Lead Protagonist.

Together, we can increase visibility of women in the industry by celebrating female centred content, and create change in the media industry by increasing gender parity with an aim for 50/50 representation.

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