We live in a diverse world and at Femflix we want to see that diversity fully reflected on our screen through the stories we tell.

Femflix aims to become the go-to platform for the world’s best female-created content in one place. We aim to push boundaries, and to program distinctive, daring and diverse entertainment that will make our audiences see things differently.


We consider all international content, with a strong interest in programs around women’s rights, equality, social justice, the experience of all minorities, civil rights movements and arts/culture offerings.

We are not accepting: screenplays, treatments or pilots at this time. Only completed content need submit.

If we are interested in your film, tv series, web series or short film, we will reach out to you to discuss next steps.


Our curated programming guidelines are evaluated according to the following criteria:

- All ‘Titles’ must have at least one (1) person identifying as female in the following categories:

Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Lead Protagonist

- Diversity of subject matter (genre and concept)

- Overall quality of the production

- Relevance to our Femflix audiences


1) Provide a Private Vimeo or FilmFreeway link of the full film that includes a password

2) A synopsis of your project

3) Any accolades (awards or film festival official selections)

4) The duration of the film/series/documentary/web series/short film (ie. 80mins or 6 x 15mins) and genre.


5) If it is a web series, send us at least three (3) episodes within a series.

Please include “Content Submission” in the subject of the email. Send to: content@femflix.com.au

Please note: We primarily accept films that have been “official selections” at film festivals. When submitting your film, you must include the festival(s) your film or documentary have been accepted into or the submission will not be reviewed. The only exception are episodic web series.

We only review films from your online screener from a password protected location such as Vimeo.

Incomplete submissions (such as missing list of film festival or synopsis) will not be reviewed.

 We are not accepting, screenplays, treatments, pilots, etc., at this time.